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Futurechampz sports and skating coaching classes Academy chennai. Today, we are one of the leading sports and roller Skating coaching training academy in Chennai , Tamilnadu. Our Academy have multiple athletics , swimming , skating coaching classes in Chennai – Nungambakkam, T-nagar, Anna nagar,Choolaimedu,Thousand light.we also conducts and participates in various District level tournaments and our academy children’s have won several medals in sports competition.

  1. Nungambakkam skating coaching classes academy chennai,
  2. Haddows Road skating coaching classes academy chennai,
  3. Thousand Lights and Anna Nagar skating coaching classes academy chennai,
  4. Athletics coaching classes @SDAT stadium Nungambakkam chennai,
  5. Swimming coaching classes are also taken in Chennai or At your own place,
  6. we are also conduct futurechampz  school sports programs,


Our futurechampz skate coaching academy children have won several medals in District Roller Skating meets.We thank the parents and students for their continuous support throughout our journey. We have very well trained and state level recognized players as our Coaches who pay careful attention to not only teaching the art of skating but also in identifying the immense talent in the kids to help them shine in this niche sport which brings lots of.

Our Training Programs:

  1. Roller Skating coaching,
  2. Swimming coaching,
  3. Basketball coaching,
  4. Table tennis coaching,
  5. Athletics coaching and,
  6. we are also conducting “School Programs”.

History of Futurechampz

FutureChampz started off in 2010 as an after school program focusing of multiple disciplinary sports training – Boxing, Swimming, Roller skating,table tennis, swimming , athletics and other sports activities as per parents request.The story behind Inception of futurechampz and sports skating coaching. we have well trained coaches in our futurechampz academy.

Skating coaching

Our company mainly focus on skating coaching classes in Nungambakkam and other area around Chennai, Tamil nadu. In addition, we are the first organization in India to bring in the concept of School psychologists. Our well trained psychologists along with our physical education trainers will at every single stage monitor a child and access his strengths and provide feedback to make him\her even better. We strongly believe that physical education is not only about muscles, endurance, stamina and other physical attributes. Successful sporting professionals have a very strong mental makeup and that is what  futurechampz core mantra is. We are here to revolutionize psychological and physical education.

Sports coaching

Confidence, Coordination, Concentration,Its just more than fun enjoy -A-BALL is a unique multi-sports coaching program for girls and boys. Program introduces children to fundamental concepts & skills of 10 popular ball sports:Football, Basketball, Cricket, Ruby, Tennis, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, and Volleyball. enjoy a Ball motto is to make children’s first experiences in a sports coaching environment happy and memorable. Our lessons are taught creatively in a caring, positive and fun-filled environment nurturing important life skills along with sports skills such as positive attitude, self-esteem, perseverance and many more.

Swimming coaching

Swimming coaching chennai for Kids and Adults who want to learn Swimming in chennai and around places, A professional swimming coach, has had an impressive track record as a national level swimmer with over 8 years of coaching experience.Qualified as a coach to teach all four strokes of Swimming, including butterfly, freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.  Her coaching style is relaxed and fun, making her sessions enjoyable and helps build confidence in kids and adults alike.

Athletics coaching

Futurechampz Athletics coaching classes in chennai. Our Academy have well trained Athletes coaches,The clubs philosophy includes providing highly personalized training to all its athletes. We see each athlete having unique individual qualities to run and will bring out the best in their performances in Athletis.The coaching program believes in inculcating in our athletes the ability to run with prestige, honor and happiness. These qualities combined with our unique training  program will enable athletes to actually enjoy the moments of success on target race days, which is the key ingredient of being the first over the finish line. and we conduct coaching classes in Nungambakkam, t-nagar,annanagar,choolaimedu,thousandlight and many other places.

School Programs

Futurechampz school programs, We have separately tailored curriculum for various classes from kindergarten to high school. Children are exposed to best in class physical education curriculum which is continuously updated to meet standards. Age appropriate properties alias props are given to children during their classes.Children get to play and enjoy with world class and custom made age appropriate props and equipments taking Every child is involved in the activity and no child feels lost.Assessments are taken at regular periods of time to identify the areas of strengths and weakness among children. Our trainers continuously access strengths, identify talent at the grass root stages and help in overcoming the child’sweak areas. Pointers are provided by our trainers on how to convert the weaknesses to strengths and improve on one’s strengths. Special emphasis is provided in developing team spirit among children by involving them in team building games


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