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Futurechampz sports and skating coaching academy chennai. Today, we are one of the leading sports and roller Skating coaching training academy in Chennai , Tamilnadu. Our Academy have multiple athletics , swimming , skating coaching classes in Chennai – Nungambakkam, T-nagar, Anna nagar,Choolaimedu,Thousand light.we also conducts and participates in various District level tournaments and our academy children’s have won several medals in sports competition.

  1. Nungambakkam skating coaching classes academy chennai,
  2. Haddows Road skating coaching classes academy chennai,
  3. Thousand Lights and Anna Nagar skating coaching classes academy chennai,


Skating coaching

Our company mainly focus on skating coaching classes in Nungambakkam and other area around Chennai, Tamil nadu. In addition, we are the first organization in India to bring in the concept of School psychologists. Our well trained psychologists along with our physical education trainers will at every single stage monitor a child and access his strengths and provide feedback to make him\her even better. We strongly believe that physical education is not only about muscles, endurance, stamina and other physical attributes. Successful sporting professionals have a very strong mental makeup and that is what  futurechampz core mantra is. We are here to revolutionize psychological and physical education.

skating similarities

Roller skating, the traveling on surfaces with roller skatesInline skating, traveling on surfaces with skates having one line of wheelsFreestyle slalom skating, a field of inline skating that involves performing tricks around a straight line of equally spaced conesVert skating, riding inline skates on a vert rampAggressive inline skating, inline skating executed on specially designed inline skates with focus on grinding and spins Inline speed skating, the roller sport of racing on inline skates Artistic roller skating, a sport similar to figure skating but where contestants run on roller skates instead of ice skates Road skating, the sport of skating (inline skating or roller skating on roads, much like road cycling. It shares much with inline speed skating

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Venkatesan K [ Head Coach – Operations ]

9884876151 or 7200041230

Office Landline : 044 43564820

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